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The truth is… Achilles Tendonitis is a much harder condition to get rid of than most people think. It’s bad enough to get Achilles pain in the calcaneus or heel bone, however, when it occurs at the insertion site, look out for a much longer recovery process. 

Achilles tendinitis above the insertion usually responds to stretching, ice and rest. However, if Achilles pain persists it might require a more aggressive treatment plan. 

Since Achilles tendinitis is often caused by tight calf muscles and a biomechanical fault, addressing these two things are critical to helping you get relief. Treating Achilles pain more aggressively consists of some form of immobilization, an NSAID, Physical Therapy, specific shoe recommendations and Orthotics.

Since many people who have pain at the insertion site also have Retrocalcaneal bone hypertrophy, addressing it is indicated in resistant cases.  If there isn’t much improvement with the treatments mentioned above within a couple of months, an MRI is indicated to rule out a tear or bone pathology.

The last resort, of course, is surgical resection of the retrocalcaneal hypertrophy and thinning out the usually thickened tendon. The end result can be wonderful for long time sufferers.

Are you suffering from Achilles Tendonitis?

Many people start thinking about becoming more active in the springtime, however, they can’t because of long periods of standing foot pain caused by Achilles pain. Many people who suffer with this condition are suffering silently. This is mostly true of people who are overweight.

Being active starts with healthy feet. If you feel someone’s mobility is compromised by a foot condition, we can help them. We specialize in fast solutions to foot pain and welcome in taking care of patients in need. As always, we have same day appointments for anyone you feel needs immediate attention. Contact us online or call our Clifton office directly at 973-777-5771 to schedule your appointment today. We look forward to meeting you! 

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