Our foot and ankle doctor provides comprehensive care for a wide range of podiatry concerns. No matter if you are dealing with a sports injury, toe deformity, skin or nail issue, or any of the other numerous problems that can develop in the lower limbs, Haro Podiatry Center is here for you.

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Foot Pain

Cosmetic Care

Heel PainHeel Pain

Heel pain can have many different potential causes, from swollen tendons to bruised bones and other injuries. Finding the right treatment requires an accurate diagnosis, but fortunately, most forms of heel pain can be successfully resolved with the use of non surgical treatment. Read on for more information about this common affliction.

Toenail FungusToenail Fungus

At first glance, skin and nail conditions might not seem to be as concerning as some of the other foot and ankle problems we resolve for patients here at Haro Podiatry Center. There usually isn’t intense pain and the risk of amputation is quite low.

Looking at the bigger picture, though, a condition like fungal toenails can take away your interest in favorite activities and lower your quality of life. Fortunately, we can provide treatment to restore your nails back to health. 

Children’s FeetChildren’s Feet

Because they are still growing, children with foot or ankle pain often require a very different treatment approach from adults with similar symptoms. They are also susceptible to a different range of conditions and problems. Regardless of what's bothering your little one, our team can provide effective, gentle, and compassionate treatment.

Neuropathy TreatmentNeuropathy Treatment

You rely on your peripheral nerves to report sensations (including danger and pain) back to the brain. Damage to these nerves is known as peripheral neuropathy. Not only can it cause pain and numbness, but it also leaves you more susceptible to serious injuries and infections. Fortunately, we offer state-of-the-art treatment, including laser therapy.

Diabetic FeetDiabetic Feet

Diabetes poses threats to health throughout the human body, and the feet are no exception. Feet are especially vulnerable to diabetic complications such as nerve damage and low circulation, which greatly increase the risk of injury, pain, and potentially life-changing consequences. Learn more about how we help care for your diabetic feet.

Flat FeetFlat Feet

Arches are important structures that help your feet bear the load of your body weight and keep you moving without pain. Flat feet, whether you're born with them or develop them over time, reduces the efficiency of your stride and can lead to pain and injury. Read more about flat feet conditions and treatment options.


We provide comprehensive care for foot and ankle conditions that include heel pain, fungal toenails, and stress fractures.


Haro Podiatry Center offers an array of foot care services so you can live, walk, and play without foot pain.