Why does the ball of my foot hurt?


Ball-of-the-Foot Pain What is it:

Pain on the ball of the foot can occur for several reasons. Joint pain, ligament damage, neuromas and sesamoid injuries are the most common conditions that cause pain on the ball of the foot. Inflammation, a torn ligament or fracture are also possible causes of pain in this area.

What are the risks:

• Untreated mild pain can lead to a more serious condition.

• Toe deformities can develop from chronic inflammation or a ligament tear.

• Pain under the big toe could be a fractured bone that can take months to heal.

What NOT to do:

• Avoid being barefoot, especially on hard surfaces.

• Avoid running and jumping activities until pain-free.

• Don’t assume that because you can walk on your foot there isn’t the possibility of a broken bone or a torn ligament.

Shoe recommendations:

Shoes with stability and cushion in the forefoot are best (Brooks, New Balance, Hoka). Sandals with cushion can be used in moderation.

Timeline Expectation:

Getting to the diagnosis quickly will definitely speed up the healing timeline. What would be many months of suffering could be a few weeks if accurately diagnosed and treated effectively. A fracture or ligament tear can take a few months to heal.

The BIG picture: Pain on the ball of the foot can slow you down for months. The risks of a fracture or tear are real. Following our treatment plan can save you months of unnecessary pain. The diligence of wearing the most supportive shoes and activity-modification will lessen the healing cycle. Ultimately, the goal is a pain-free foot that allows you to move effortlessly.

Reclaim your active, healthy life.

Ibrahim Haro, DPM
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