What you need to know to avoid dire consequences…

Diabetic Ulcer:


What is it? 

A Diabetic ulcer is an opening through all layers of the skin into the tissue under the skin. An ulcer can penetrate as deep as the bone. Some ulcers don’t hurt because of damaged nerves known as neuropathy  Diabetic ulcers usually occur on the toes and balls of the feet.

What are the risks?

• An infection can be quite serious, ultimately leading to loss of life.

• Amputation from poor circulation is possible.

• Slow healing from elevated blood sugar and/or too much pressure on the foot.

• Bone infection from not attending to the wound early enough.

What NOT to do:

• Avoid putting full weight on the ulcer.

• Don’t use any products on the ulcer other than what the doctor recommended.

• Don’t ignore the warning signs of infection (pain, redness, swelling, drainage)

• Don’t walk without shoes.

Timeline Expectation:

Some ulcers can heal in a few weeks and some take months. Following our protocol and being patient are mission-critical. 

The BIG picture:

A Diabetic ulcer can be a very serious condition. Neglect has led to amputations and death. Any small opening in the skin must be attended to professionally, as early as possible. Early professional intervention increases the chance of faster healing and less downtime. Together we can avoid dire consequences.

Ibrahim Haro, DPM
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