There is a part of the foot called the midfoot. It is on the top of the foot between the ankle and toes. On this part of your foot, arthritis tends to be more prone to develop. 

Although the foot may look normal there may be a bump or it may be swollen. If an injury did not occur,  the first thing we tend to think is arthritis. Believe or not, arthritis can develop as early as your 40's in the mid-part of your foot.

This part of the foot has many bones and joints and arthritis can develop in a single joint or in many of them. There are measures that can be put in place if there is an early diagnosis to help reduce pain and slow down the progression.

Even if a person has been sufferring for years with arthritis, they can find relief and decrease or alleviate the pain. Some suggestions would be wearing sturdy shoes. Sturdy shoes help decrease the movement of your foot which in turn will help with the pain. Remember, Sandals, Crocs and Flip-Flops aren't suggested as it will create much more movement and cause pain.

What can I do?

Unfortunately, breaks and tears can happen without an injury. That is why it is important to get your feet checked for something more serious especially if you have pain or swelling.

Since there isn't a cure for arthritis in this part of the foot like there is for your knee and hip, it is critically important to make sure to address midfoot pain early on. You may have a knee or hip replacement but not a midfoot replacement. We have seen many people who are quite hobbled by this condition. Some are able to have temporary relief and some don't.

Having a foot break down can cause stress and wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. That is why the earlier a foot condition is diagnosed and treated the better chance it doesn't become a chronic and painful one. 

If you are experiencing pain on top of your foot, between the ankle and toes, let us help you. Don't wait to have us evaluate and diagnose the condition. Helping to avoid pain and chronic arthritis is something we take great pride in. 


Ibrahim Haro, DPM
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