Family Fun Haro PodiatryBy the end of the summer, parents everywhere are tired of hearing, “I’m bored,” and “there’s nothing to do.” Well, good news—it’s Family Fun Month, people!

Here’s a list of suggestions to get out there, stay active, and have fun together.

Pack a Picnic

Hit the beach or head to the park and enjoy an old school picnic. Better yet, show the kids how to play some of the games you enjoyed as a child—you know, a hundred years ago!

Go Camping 

Even if you have to bribe them with S’mores around the campfire re, there’s nothing like a camping trip to strengthen family bonds.

Declare a Movie Night

Grab some popcorn and snuggle up. You could even head outside to watch a movie on the garage door, side of the house, or portable screen.

Volunteer Together

Show your kids that paying it forward can not only be fun but also makes you feel great knowing you made someone else’s day. 

Get Cooking

Break out the pots and pans! Cooking together is fun all around. Try a new recipe or an old favorite and let the kids run the kitchen.


Check out that new museum or zoo exhibit, discover a new playground or park, and try that new restaurant— there are all sorts of places around you to explore, so have at it!

Be Creative

Build a backyard obstacle course, a cardboard house, make up a new game, hold a dance-a-thon—whatever comes to mind. You’ll be encouraging your kids to use their imaginations while having fun at the same time!

Go from “bored” to board games, from whining to riding bikes, blowing bubbles, attending sporting events, spying cloud shapes, and more. There are all sorts of fun to be had, so grab the kids and enjoy Family Fun Month for all it’s worth! After all, they’ll be back to school before you know it!

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