Flat Feet in Children

Children's FeetFall frequently? Tired easily and don’t like to walk or play? In toe gait or complain of back, knee or leg pains?

It may be their feet….

Is your child suffering from “Flat feet?”

Every day in my office I see children who are unable to play sports or don’t like to walk. Their parents, unfortunately, think that their child is just “lazy” when in reality he or she is suffering from a common condition known as “Flat feet”. This is a condition that describes a foot type where the child’s foot has low or no arch when standing on the floor.

Common signs and symptoms of Flat feet:

  • Tiring easily with walking and running
  • Generalized back, knee, ankle, leg or foot pains with activity
  • Frequent falling
  • Waking up at night with leg pain
  • Calf pain
  • Toe walking
  • In toe gait
  • Developing bunions and /or hammer toes

What causes flat feet?

There are many reasons for flat feet including: family genes, leg bone deformities and tight calf muscles

What can you do to help your child?

It all starts with a comprehensive foot exam. We need to determine if your child is truly suffering from flat feet and why. Once the diagnosis is made the vast majority of children can be helped with a good pair of custom foot orthotics and proper shoes. So as you are beginning to think of the start of a new school year, be sure to bring your child for a quick foot exam. This will help them be able to run and play comfortably without suffering from foot pain.

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