Summer Foot Tips Haro PodiatryWith the arrival of summer, we start planning our long-awaited outdoor activities and vacations. We remember to register the kids for summer camp, book the hotel for our getaways, plan visits to water and amusement parks, among other fun stuff. But rarely do we remember of ways to take care of our feet during this active season. Since here at Haro Podiatry Center we want you to walk, live and play without foot pain, we have rounded up some very important tips for keeping your feet healthy all summer long.

How To Keep Your Feet Healthy All Summer Long

Use Well-Supported Shoe Ware

While sandals and flip flops may look and feel great, they are not the best walking shoes. The common flip flop has minimal arch support and flat thin soles which can traumatize your feet. For options on well-supported shoes, please visit our shoe store page.

Remember To Stretch Regularly

You should stretch your Achilles tendon and bottom of your feet 3 times a day. See our stretching exercise instructions.

Don’t Wander Around Barefooted

Avoid walking barefooted especially in public places like pools or the beach to prevent the likelihood of contracting any bacterial or viral infections like plantar warts or athlete’s foot.

Remember To Apply Sunscreen To Your Feet

Don’t forget your feet! Apply sunscreen all over your feet, especially the tops and fronts of ankles.

Avoid Nail Salons

Although it might be tempting to go get a pedicure at the nail salon, the tools used there can be a source of viruses and fungal infections. Click on the link For Do’s and Don’ts of a Fabulous Pedicure

If you’re experiencing foot pain or any other foot ailment, do not hesitate to call our office at 973-755-7775. It is always best to check with Dr. Haro, as he will then make the proper diagnosis and starting any type of treatment, if necessary.

Follow these tips for great foot health, put your best foot forward and enjoy your summer!

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