“Flat feet” is another item we see on parents’ worry lists. Take a close look at your little one’s feet as they stand (if you can get them to stay still for a second or two!).

Can you see any arch at all peeking up from the floor? Or is the whole foot flat?

Most young kids experience flat feet at an early age. Obviously, most of them seem to turn out fine, although that’s not always the case. We need to dig a little deeper to find an answer.

So What Is a Parent to Do About Their Child's Flat Feet?

Whenever you notice something odd about your child’s feet or the way they walk, it’s never a bad idea to bring them in for a checkup. However, the main thing you should be looking for is pain. If your child doesn’t appear to be in any discomfort, especially if they’re still on the young side, there’s no particular reason to be concerned.

If they’re out running, playing, and showing no signs that their feet are slowing them down in any way, then there really isn’t a problem. If, however, your child is complaining about feet that hurt, or they’re shying away from active play for reasons you don’t under stand, it’s time to bring them in for a visit. No amount of foot pain is normal for a child.

Does Your Child Suffer From Painful Foot Issues?

If your child is suffering with painful foot problems you need to speak with an experienced podiatrist as soon as possible. Contact us online or call our Clifton, New Jersey office directly at 973.777.5771 to schedule their appointment today. We look forward to helping your child alleviate their painful foot condition.

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