Children in general have a great amount of energy and love to walk and play as a way of let it out. So when a child does not like to walk or play sports that can be a sign that something is wrong. Most children who come to our offices with this type of complaint are noted to have flat feet or similarly related conditions. Once they are treated, they are usually able to go back to sports just like any other kid.

Does Your Child Suffer From Painful Foot Issues?

If your child is suffering with painful foot problems you need to speak with an experienced podiatrist as soon as possible. Contact us online or call our Clifton, New Jersey office directly at 973.777.5771 to schedule their appointment today. We look forward to helping your child alleviate their painful foot condition.

Ibrahim Haro, DPM
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NJ podiatrist helping Clifton area patients with diabetic foot care, foot pain, flat feet, and neuropathy.