Explaining peripheral neuropathy will help you understand how it can be a danger to your feet. The symptoms that will likely make you aware of the problem are either faulty sensations—burning and tingling are rather common—or a lack of feeling in the lower limbs. This happens because neuropathy is a medical condition that involves damage to the nerves in your legs and feet.

Peripheral nerves connect to the central nervous system (brain and spine) and form an extensive network that runs throughout your entire body. These nerves are responsible for transmitting signals back and forth between the various reaches of the body and the brain. When they are damaged, as is the case with peripheral neuropathy, messages are either sent incorrectly or not at all.

Neuropathy can have adverse effects on the health of your feet, so if you are experiencing painful sensations or not feeling anything in your lower limbs, come to Haro Podiatry & Laser Center and we will provide the care you need. 

Are You Suffering From Neuropathy?

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