We are all born with flat feet, and our arch develops over time. Sometimes, however, arches don’t ever make an appearance and the bottoms of feet stay flat from heel to toe.

While this may seem concerning, it’s actually nothing to fear. In fact, oftentimes people with fl at feet experience no problems at all and go through life as carefree and active as their friends with well-defined arches do!

It is only if flat feet start causing pain that treatment becomes necessary. This can occur when the lack of an arch places stress on feet and ankles, resulting in alignment issues, strained ligaments and tendons, or biomechanical and gait problems. Even then, treatment to minimize symptoms is mainly conservative, ranging from footwear that provides plenty of arch support and heel stability, to orthotics that help distribute pressure evenly and support your arch.

There are also wraps you can use to ease discomfort. Of course, if these treatments are found to be ineffective, surgery may need to be considered to relieve your pain, but this is typically only necessary in severe cases. The bottom line is, if you have flat feet, don’t be afraid! It doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying the activities you love. Talk to us about options to ensure your condition doesn’t become a pain!

Do You Suffer From Flat Feet?

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