If your feet break out into a sweat just thinking about putting on socks and shoes, you likely have your parents to blame. You see, having excessively sweaty feet is thought to be an inherited trait—not necessarily the family tradition anyone wants to carry on!

Even worse, this condition, known as hyperhidrosis, can cause issues beyond stress and embarrassment. When feet are constantly wet, especially when trapped inside socks and shoes, the risk of fungal infection is high, and yes, foot odor is common.

However, you can control your fate. To counteract these occurrences, good hygiene is crucial.

• Wash feet with an antibacterial soap daily, and don’t forget between your toes!

• Be sure to dry feet thoroughly and apply foot powder, cornstarch, or anti-fungal powder to your feet, as well as your shoes. You can also try applying antiperspirant to both.

• Wear moisture-wicking socks and shoes made of breathable materials like leather or mesh.

• Change socks regularly and rotate the shoes you wear so they have time to dry out. You don’t have to be destined to a life of excessively sweaty feet. Try these at-home treatment options, or come see us for additional help. There are prescribed oral medications as well as medical procedures that can alleviate the symptoms of severe cases. We’re here for you—so don’t sweat it!

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