You don’t usually think about how you walk, right? After all, it’s something you just do naturally every day. Sometimes, though, the way in which you walk can cause issues not only with your feet, but also your ankles, legs, back, and right on up! So, even though you may not think about it, we do!

The way in which you move from one point to another, be it walking or running, is called your gait. A gait analysis assesses how your feet – and actually, your whole body – performs this movement. This allows us to pinpoint biomechanical abnormalities that can lead to possible problems such as overpronation, shin splints, and Achilles tendinitis.

By considering things like how your foot strikes the ground, how it rolls forward as you step, and how you push off for your next step, we can determine if your biomechanics could use a little help in order to prevent certain conditions and reduce your risk of injury. We may recommend custom orthotics which can be used to add stability and support in order to keep your feet in correct alignment. We may also make footwear suggestions or provide exercises tips to increase strength and range of motion.

To find out if a gait analysis could benefi \t you, walk on over and get more information from our helpful staff, or ask to schedule an appointment today!

Ibrahim Haro, DPM
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