Do you suffer from pain behind your heel? Does your Achilles tendon feel tender when you touch it or stand for a period of time?

You may be suffering from Achilles Tendinitis, or, in other words, inflammation of the Achilles tendon.

This is a painful condition that afflicts many people between the ages of 30-70, but in general it can happen to anyone regardless of age.

Recently, I had a patient by the name of James who came to me. He is a construction manager in his 40’s. He was having severe pain to his Achilles tendon and behind his heel. He also had a small lump in the tendon which meant high level of inflammation was taking place. He had suffered with it a long time and was apprehensive about coming to the doctor because he did not want to take time off from work. We decided to start him on laser therapy immediately and gave him a simple protective boot to wear.

I allowed him to continue to work. Now, a little over one week and only 3 laser treatments into his 6 treatment course, he already feels better. His lump has disappeared and by the time he is done with his full course of laser treatments, we expect him to be fully recovered.

The benefits of laser therapy: No pills, No injections, No known side effects and No pain James did not have to take invasive anti-inflammatory medications that would irritate his stomach and did not need invasive injections or surgery. Instead, he was treated with safe and effective laser therapy that did the job and kept him in his job at the same time. I share this story with you to let you know that if you have heel pain, tendinitis, ankle sprain, or a fracture bone, laser therapy may be the answer for you. Foot pain is not normal and you don’t have to settle for pain medications or injections to make it go away.

Are You Considering Laser Treatment To Alleviate Your Foot Pain?

Laser therapy is the leading method to manage foot pain. Our experienced podiatrist can help you realize a dramatic reduction in foot pain over a short period of time with our noninvasive laser treatment. Contact us online or call our Clifton, New Jersey office directly at 973.777.5771 to schedule your appointment today.

Ibrahim Haro, DPM
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