Perhaps you’ve heard the term “Lisfranc fracture” in the news referring to the latest athlete being added to the injured reserve list, but what exactly is this injury all about?

Well, here’s a little background on the not-so-common condition so you can impress your friends with your knowledge next time they come over to watch the big game. A Lisfranc fracture occurs when a foot is planted but weight is suddenly shifted in another direction – a common phenomenon in many sports! This causes an extreme rotation of the joint connecting your forefoot and midfoot, fracturing the connective bones.

The joint is called—you guessed it—the Lisfranc joint, and is named for Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin who was a surgeon in Napoleon’s army known for his skill in amputating soldiers’ feet at this particular place. While the injury was first seen when riders fell from their horses with their feet still stuck in the stirrups, clearly, the same type of abnormal twisting can occur in athletes of all kinds.

This midfoot injury is often confused with an ankle sprain because of its similar symptoms of swelling and bruising, so it’s important to seek treatment when symptoms arise, especially if discoloration is both on the top and bottom of your foot. There you have it – all the Lisfranc fracture facts needed to score big with your fans!

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