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My mission since I started my practice has always been: “to serve my patient’s by helping them walk, live and play without foot pain”. When it comes to foot conditions, many are caused and can be helped by the shoes that patients wear. 

Woman modeling Haro Podiatry Shoes Haro PodiatryTelling my patients to wear comfortable shoes, was always a frustrating thing to my patients. When patients go to the mall or any shoe store, the task of finding the right shoes for their feet can be daunting. There are hundreds if not thousands of styles in front of them. At the same time, the person selling them the shoe is normally a high school student who is working part time to support themselves. In other words not an expert on shoes. The results over and over would be that my patients would end up spending much of their time and hard earned money on shoes that are not good for them.  

So in 2016, I decided to open a shoe store right here in our office to help save our patients the hassle and frustration of buying wrong shoes.  Our goal is to provide our patients with cosmetically beautiful shoes that fit and feel right. To that end, every shoe we carry is examined and approved by me personally. The shoe must look good but must also provide my patient the support and fit that will help them overcome their pain and make their feet comfortable all day.

Woman tying running shoes on steps Haro PodiatryOur patients’ reaction to being able to buy shoes in our office has been overwhelmingly positive. Buying their shoes here gives them the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of shoes that they know are good for them. They get fitted by my highly trained staff and ultimately me, their own foot doctor. This ensures that they get the best fit and style for their feet.  From slippers to sandals and flats to dressy, there is no occasion or season that you cannot find comfortable shoes in our store.

We invite you to come into our office and see for yourself. No doctor appointment is necessary to visit the shoe store. You are welcome to just walk in and ask to “try some shoes on”. You will be happy you did. Your feet will feel like they haven’t felt in years. 

Are You Suffering From A Painful Foot Condition?

If you are suffering from a painful foot condition you're not alone. Help is available. Contact our experienced podiatrist for help today. We are conveniently located in Clifton, New Jersey and look forward to helping you alleviate your foot pain. Contact us online or call our office directly at 973.777.5771 to schedule your appointment.

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