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It’s easy not to notice how much force and stress is placed upon your lower limbs, even during the course of a normal day. Your feet and ankles do an admirable job of handling the force loads, but they can contribute to an array of different problems that cause pain and keep you from participating in your favorite activities.

Patients come to Haro Podiatry & Laser Center to have these foot and ankle issues treated. You can receive comprehensive foot care services at our Clifton, New Jersey office and put the pain behind you. 

Class IV Laser Treatment for Foot Pain


Most patients come to us for some type of foot pain. Heel pain, tendonitis, ankle sprains and broken bones and some of the common conditions we treat. But many patients are concerned about injections and oral medications. They are also concerned about being out of work for long periods of time. Laser therapy is a cutting edge technology that we offer as a great alternative for our patients. Laser therapy is painless, non-invasive and has no known side effects. It has shown that it can help speed the recovery time of foot injuries so patients can quickly return to their work and the activities they love.

Lasers are leading the way in the field of pain management. They can help the body repair tissues more quickly through natural processes and can serve as a safer alternative to pain medications. Additionally, our laser treatment may help you avoid invasive surgical procedures.

You can realize dramatic reduction in pain over a short period of time, so contact us today if you have any questions or are simply ready to put an end to your foot pain!


Custom Orthotic Devices

Orthotics are medical, orthopedic devices typically used in conjunction with other conservative treatment methods to resolve many different ailments. We customize your orthotics to work with the unique structure and features of your feet. They are usually able to fit in normal footwear and will allow you to move as you normally would, only with gait abnormalities resolved!

When foot problems are treated early in their development, the use of custom orthotics may prevent surgery from being needed at a later time.

Conditions that can be treated with custom orthotics include flatfoot, plantar fasciitis, bunions, Morton’s neuroma, foot ulcers, and limb length deformities. This is certainly not a comprehensive list, so make sure you come see Dr. Haro whenever you have any foot or ankle problems. He will assess the situation and determine if you would benefit from a pair.


Laser Treatment for Unsightly Toenails

There are other methods of treating cases of thick and discolored toenails—like oral and topical medications—but the current leading option is laser therapy. Laser therapy for toenails doesn’t have any known side effects.

When we recommend using laser therapy as treatment for your condition, you can expect a quick, pain-free session. The procedure is safe and, even better; it is an effective way to restore your nails back to health.

Our Shoe Store

When it comes to foot health, the type and style of shoes you wear plays a big role. Many of the foot ailments and pains that bring patients into our practice are due to improperly fitting shoes. The wrong footwear choices can lead to heel pain, forefoot pain, calluses, and toe irritations. High heels may look cute, but those pumps and stilettos can contribute to bunion and hammertoe conditions, and increase the risk for ankle sprains.

Check out our shoe store! Haro Podiatry

Beyond shoe style, size is another consideration that can cause problems when it’s not correct. Wearing the wrong sized shoes contributes to a host of problems. This happens, in part, because people do not generally realize their shoe size changes over time. As such, many will continue to wear the same sized shoes year after year.

We know, however, it is frustrating to hear “you need a proper shoe.” After all, there are tons of different shoes in the market, so how do you know what shoe Dr. Haro would approve for your unique feet? 

To eliminate the frustration for our patients and make their choice more convenient, we are proud to offer our office shoe store! Benefits of this include:

  • Dr. Haro evaluates each shoe we sell in our store, making sure they are biomechanically sound for healthy feet.
  • The shoes are fitted in our office by our highly-trained staff, and under doctor supervision, to ensure each patient gets the proper fit.
  • Our shoes accommodate patients who have been prescribed orthotics.
  • Patients save all the hassle and frustration of trying to find the shoe they actually need.
  • Most importantly, our shoes are of the highest quality, approved by the American Podiatric Association, trendy and look as amazing as they feel.

Our mission has always been to serve our patients by helping them live, walk, and play without foot pain. To that end, our shoe store is yet another valuable service we offer to help you and live up to our mission statement!

Comprehensive Foot Care Services

Haro Podiatry & Laser Center is proud to offer an array of foot care services to resolve issues that can cause pain and take away your ability to do the things you love to do.

Are You Suffering From A Painful Foot Condition?

If you are suffering from a painful foot condition you're not alone. Help is available. Contact our experienced podiatrist for help today. We are conveniently located in Clifton, New Jersey and look forward to helping you alleviate your foot pain. Contact us online or call our office directly at 973.777.5771 to schedule your appointment.

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