Hi, my name is Dr. Ibrahim Haro. Despite the corona epidemic that is taking over the country, many of our patients continue to need foot care and they need to see us for foot pain and emergencies. To that end I would like to let you know that our office is open and we are here to help, however, for the safety of our staff and for our patients we have implemented what we call Valet Medicine, and I want to talk to you about that for a minute, what that means.  

Valet Medicine means that when patients call to make an appointment we always screen them on the phone. We make sure they don't have coughing, shortness of breath or fever or that they have come in contact with someone who may have the Corona Virus. Once all the answers to all of those questions are negative, the patients come to the office. To minimize the contact from patient to patient, as you can see, here I'm standing in our waiting room and our waiting room is empty. The reason for that is when patients come in they stay in their cars, we do not have them come into the office. They check in by calling us and we check them in. When we are ready with a treatment room that they can go in, the patient comes directly in the office and walks through the waiting room into the treatment room.

Also, all of our staff wear protective gear, the masks and gloves. We continue to keep social distancing between patients and staff as much as possible and we are repeatedly and continuously
cleaning our treatment chairs, door knobs and everything our patients and staff are exposed to.We are providing a relatively safe environment for our patients. If you are suffering, you or a family member, from any foot problem or emergency, we are here to help you. Please call the office at 973-777-5771 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment.

Thank you.

Ibrahim Haro, DPM
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NJ podiatrist helping Clifton area patients with diabetic foot care, foot pain, flat feet, and neuropathy.