Pain in the ankle can have a big impact on your mobility. Unlike some foot problems, it’s hard to compensate for pain in the ankle. The longer someone suffers from ankle pain the greater the chance the foot, knee, hip or back can start to hurt.

There are many possible causes of ankle pain. An injury such as a simple ankle sprain can lead to long-term pain. Because of how much force we put on our ankles with every step, wear and tear can cause pain. Having flat feet is also a cause of this condition. There are even some hereditary factors that lead to ankle problems.


Figuring out exactly where the pain is coming from is the first step to finding a solution. Some people can’t pinpoint the precise location of the pain therefore a thorough exam is important. Sometimes the pain is felt on the inside of the ankle when the problem is coming from the outside. An examination and x-rays will guide us to the most accurate diagnosis.

Ankle pain can come from the joint itself, tendons that pass around and over it, ligaments such as sprains and nerves all around it. It’s important to understand that most ankle pain isn’t from an injury. Faulty movements of the foot and ankle because of hereditary factors, shoe gear and excessive weight are some of the most common causes.

Ankle pain, whether acute or chronic, needs rest to heal. Avoiding running and jumping activities will usually help. An ankle brace can give the ankle stability, leading to less soreness. Ice and an anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen or Aleve can also offer some relief.


We have many options to solve pain in the ankle. Treating it as early as possible usually leads to a faster solution. Chronic ankle pain will often need an MRI to make the most accurate diagnosis. As long as there isn’t damage to the joint or a ligament or tendon tear, non-surgical measures can work. The faster we can get the pain to stop the less stress there is on the knee, hips and back.  

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