How can I prepare for my first consultation with Dr. Haro?

Is this the first time you have visited a podiatrist? Well, don't worry. This handy guide will prepare you for your appointment and help make the most of your time with the foot and ankle expert. Please be sure to bring the following with you when you arrive for your appointment:

  1. All insurance cards
  2. Your referral from your primary physician (if your insurance requires one)
  3. A list of all your medications you are currently taking including any vitamins or supplements
  4. Any X-rays or medical tests you may have done regarding your foot condition
  5. Please do not apply any lotions or nail polish prior to your visit with us as Dr. Haro would like to see your feet in their natural state.
  6. Please come in with sock and closed shoes and bring a sample of your most worn shoes outside and inside the house.