Dr. Haro: Hi, my name is Dr. Ibrahim Haro and I'm here with a patient of mine, Abel. Abel has been through a course of Neuropathy treatment with us. Abel, how are you?

Abel: I'm doing good, Doc, much better.

Dr. Haro: Can you tell me, how, what brought you here? What were your symptoms? How were you feeling before you came in.

Abel: I found you on Facebook. Came in for your consultation. And, uh, when I walked in I had very discomfort in my feet. A lot of sharp, tingling pain, even though I was taking medication, it would still persist. I needed to find a way to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

Dr. Haro: You're a diabetic, right?

Abel: Yes.

Dr. Haro: And, uh, so, we've been through the treatment. Today's your last session. How are you feeling now?

Abel: A lot better, it's like night and day. You know, where pain level was eight, nine at times, couldn't sleep, you know, keep you up at night, sharp pains. Follow your diet that you suggested and I started coming in for treatments twice a week. Now my pain level is down to two or one at times with a lot better sleep. More comfort at night. So, definitely a great thing I stopped in.

Dr. Haro: So, there is a person who has diabetes and similiar symptoms to what you had, would you recommend the treatment for them?

Abel: Absolutely, yes. Everyone reacts differently, but it's definitely a good step in the right direction to start. I mean, I was kind of wondering how this work but definitely sold me, for sure. I feel a lot better and that's the most important thing, having the comfort.

Dr. Haro: Great. Well I'm so glad you're feeling better. It was a  pleasure having you here.

Abel: Likewise.

Dr. Haro: Thank you.

Ibrahim Haro, DPM
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