Dr. Haro: Hi, my name is Dr. Ibrahim Haro and I'm here with another patient of mine who went through Neuropathy treatment, Juliana. Juliana how are you? 

Juliana: I feel good now.

Dr. Haro: Tell me when you came here how you used to feel about your feet.

Juliana: When I came here I had tingling, pain, numbness. And I was like a two hours sleep.

Dr. Haro: You have diabetes?

Juliana: Yes, I have diabetes, that's why I got Neuropathy.

Dr. Haro: That's right. So you came in, we did twelve treatments for you. How do you feel now?

Juliana: Oh, I feel good.

Dr. Haro: Are you happy you did the treatment?

Juliana: Yes, I'm happy for the treatment. I feel nice, I feel great now. 

Dr. Haro: If somebody asked you who suffers from diabetes and Neuropathy like this, would you encourage them to do the treatment?

Juliana: Sure. I recommend 100%. I feel real good now.

Dr. Haro: Wonderful. I'm so happy for that. Thank you.

Juliana: Thank you doctor.

Ibrahim Haro, DPM
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