Dr. Haro: Hello, my name is Dr. Ibrahim Haro of Haro Podiatry Center and I just wanted to thank you for making your appointment with us for your Neuropathy pain evaluation. I wanted to take a moment and explain to you what to expect when you come for your appointment. This appointment is for people who are suffering from painful Neuropathy, symptoms such as burning, stabbing, tingling at night such that you can't sleep. So, when you come to office, what we will do is go through a thorough history of what happened, what's going on with you. We will also do an examination and check your circulation, we'll check your nerves, we'll observe you walking and do an analysis and we'll possibly do X-rays also. After we obtain all of this information we will spend some time deciding if you are a candidate for the treatment that we offer for Neuropathy pain. There is no obligation, it's a free screening so many of our patients who take advantage of this appointment say this it was a life changing for them, so there's no reason not to show up and take advantage of it. I look forward to seeing you in the office and we will take it from there.

Ibrahim Haro, DPM
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NJ podiatrist helping Clifton area patients with diabetic foot care, foot pain, flat feet, and neuropathy.