Do You Have Black Toenails?

It might look scary, but black toenails can happen to anyone. Typically, they occur as a result of trauma—a large object (like a giant pumpkin) dropping on your toe, or a repetitive ramming of your toes against the front of your shoes. However, there is no need to fear the eerie discoloration that ensues. It’s simply a collection of blood that pools beneath the nail. Most people would prefer the condition would just go away! Well, the good news is, many times the black nail will fall off on its own or simply grow out and be replaced by a new, clear one.

Black Toenail, nail fungus Haro Podiatry CenterSometimes, though, treatment is necessary. A large amount of pooled blood under a toenail can result in uncomfortable pressure and pain. In addition, the damaged nail bed can be vulnerable to infection or toenail fungus. In these cases, a visit with Dr. Haro is advised. Dr. Haro can help minimize symptoms and ensure the return of a healthy nail that is no longer spooky-looking or makes you scream in pain!

Of course, you can take certain measures to avoid the problem in the first place. Keep nails trimmed straight across and even with the tips of your toes. Wear shoes that fit well and give toes plenty of room. Take extra precautions when lifting heavy objects—protective footwear could spare you some monstrous agony.

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