Dr. Haro: Hi, my name is Dr. Ibrahim Haro and I'm here with one of my patients Carl who has been through our Neuropathy program. And, Carl, how are you doing?

Carl: Very Good.

Dr. Haro: Can you tell me how you used to feel before you came in and got the treatment?

Carl: I had pain on the bottom of my feet, burning, tingling, very uncomfortable. It went up to my knees. And it was painful to walk somedays, it was very bad. A friend of mine referred Dr. Haro to me and I'm very glad that I came.

Dr. Haro: Great, so you're almost done with your treatment. How do you feel now?

Carl: I feel much better. I walk better. It is a success.

Dr. Haro: Great. If someone would ask, would you recommend this to them?

Carl: I highly recommend Dr. Haro, I highly recommend. It's the best thing you can do if you have problems with Neuropathy.

Dr. Haro: Wonderful. Thank you so much Carl. I appreciate it.

Carl: Thanks.

Ibrahim Haro, DPM
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