Dr. Haro: Good morning. My name is Dr. Ibrahim Haro and I'm here with my patient Evelyn. Evelyn has been with us for the past few weeks, she has been treated for Neuropathy, and I'm going to ask her some questions about her experience with treatment we have provided for her. Evelyn, how are you?

Evelyn: Ok.

Dr. Haro: Can you tell me what brought you here to us in the first place?

Evelyn: Yes, I came here because in the morning I could not put my feet on the floor because they were numb. It's a lot of cramps. My right feet was hurt and I had to put two pillow under my feet so I could sleep. Now I feel much better. 

Dr. Haro: Great, so can you tell me what was done for you here and how you feel about it?

Evelyn: I feel better. I feel very good. I'm glad I found you and you make my life better with your treatment.

Dr. Haro: Wonderful. Are you able to walk a little more comfortably at this point?

Evelyn: Yes, I can walk, I can do things that I can do before. I can sleep much, much better. I can walk. I don't feel those cramps anymore. I don't feel no pain and I feel very, very good. Thanks to you, to my Dr. Haro. 

Dr. Haro: Thank you. So would you, if somebody is suffering from this condition would you recommend to them to come here and be treated with what we did for you?

Evelyn: Yes. I tell everybody that I know come to Dr. Haro's office because he has changed my life. I feel very good than before. So, one thing I didn't tell you, when I made this treatment I feel like, how to tell you, my nerves are better. All my body is better.

Dr. Haro: Yeah, that is normal with what we do. Great. Well, I'm so glad you're feeling better. We're going to miss you here in the office, but we want you to go ahead and enjoy your Summer, OK?

Evelyn: Ok.

Dr. Haro: Great. Thank you so much.

Evelyn: Thank you.

Dr. Haro: Thank you.

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