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Haro Podiatry & Laser Center has been able to provide effective treatment for numerous patients over many years. During this time, we have been able to compile a list of questions that are often asked. You are certainly always welcome to give us a call if you have a question not featured in the section. While you’re on the line, be sure to request your appointment with Dr. Haro so he can create a treatment plan to resolve your foot or ankle problem. We add to this section, so be sure to check back periodically!

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  • My child does not like to walk or play sports. Is he/she lazy?

    Children in general have a great amount of energy and love to walk and play as a way of let it out. So when a child does not like to walk or play sports that can be a sign that something is wrong. Most children who come to our offices with this type of complaint are noted to have flat feet or similarly related conditions. Once they are treated, they are usually able to go back to sports just like any other kid.

  • I could never find a shoe that is comfortable. Why is that?

    When people can’t find comfortable shoes no matter how hard they try, the problem may not be the shoes but their own feet. When people have misaligned feet, they will have difficulty finding comfortable shoes. So before rushing into buying yet another shoe, let our doctor evaluate your feet for you. When your feet are brought back into a proper alignment, then it will not be so hard finding shoes that are comfortable and last longer.

  • What is peripheral neuropathy?

    Explaining peripheral neuropathy will help you understand how it can be a danger to your feet. The symptoms that will likely make you aware of the problem are either faulty sensations—burning and tingling are rather common—or a lack of feeling in the lower limbs. This happens because neuropathy is a medical condition that involves damage to the nerves in your legs and feet.

    Peripheral nerves connect to the central nervous system (brain and spine) and form an extensive network that runs throughout your entire body. These nerves are responsible for transmitting signals back and forth between the various reaches of the body and the brain. When they are damaged, as is the case with peripheral neuropathy, messages are either sent incorrectly or not at all.

    Neuropathy can have adverse effects on the health of your feet, so if you are experiencing painful sensations or not feeling anything in your lower limbs, come to Haro Podiatry & Laser Center and we will provide the care you need. Call us for more information by dialing 973-755-7775 or schedule an appointment at either our Jersey City or Clifton Park, NJ offices online today.

  • Can gout be treated?

    There is no reason to suffer from the pain associated with gout. Acute attacks can be treated in multiple ways at a podiatrist office. We have a wide range of options from oral medications to laser therapy that can give you quick relief of your painful symptoms.

  • I woke up with my foot in extreme pain, red and swollen. But I don’t remember having any trauma.

    A red, painful foot without trauma may be a sign of a common condition known as gout.

  • What can cause Gout?

    Most commonly, gout is triggered by diet. Certain foods such as steaks, wine, seafoods and beans are known to trigger gout attacks if consumed frequently or at high levels.

  • I keep on spraining my ankles. Is that normal?

    No, it is not normal to have continued ankle sprains. I would recommend a podiatric evaluation. You may have repeated ankle sprains if you don’t have an initial one treated properly and aggressively. If your initial ankle sprain does not heal properly you will have a weak ankle that is prone to sprains. Another reason may be high-arched feet. People with high arches sprain their ankles repeatedly. High-arched feet are very unstable, which causes the ankle to twist inward causing sprains.

  • I have lower back pain. Could it be related to my feet?

    Many people who suffer from chronic back pain don’t realize that it may be related to their feet. Your feet are the foundation of your entire body. If they are misaligned, that results in excessive pressure on your ankles, knees , back and even your shoulders.

  • Why do I have a bump behind my heels?

    A bump behind your heels may be a sign of high arches. Peoples with high arches or “varus” (inward tilting) heels develop a mass behind their heels called “Hagland’s deformity”. Usually this is harmless. However, if it gets big enough it may cause irritations in shoes. Furthermore, people who have it have a hard time finding comfortable shoes. I would recommend an evaluation by a podiatrist who can examine you and provide you with guidance as to the correct condition and its solutions.

  • I have calluses under my first and 5th toe joints. Is that normal?

    No, it is not normal. Calluses under specific areas of the foot are a sign of excessive pressure to it. Pressure points under the foot can be triggered by many reasons. However, one of the most common reasons for calluses under the 1st and 5th toe joints is high arched feet. A high arch foot is like a triangle with the base of it being on the bottom. This results in pressure points under the forefoot and the heel. A biomechanical exam by a podiatric physician is highly recommended in this situation.