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Haro Podiatry & Laser Center has been able to provide effective treatment for numerous patients over many years. During this time, we have been able to compile a list of questions that are often asked. You are certainly always welcome to give us a call if you have a question not featured in the section. While you’re on the line, be sure to request your appointment with Dr. Haro so he can create a treatment plan to resolve your foot or ankle problem. We add to this section, so be sure to check back periodically!

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  • I have lower back pain. Could it be related to my feet?

    Many people who suffer from chronic back pain don’t realize that it may be related to their feet. Your feet are the foundation of your entire body. If they are misaligned, that results in excessive pressure on your ankles, knees , back and even your shoulders.

  • Why do I have a bump behind my heels?

    A bump behind your heels may be a sign of high arches. Peoples with high arches or “varus” (inward tilting) heels develop a mass behind their heels called “Hagland’s deformity”. Usually this is harmless. However, if it gets big enough it may cause irritations in shoes. Furthermore, people who have it have a hard time finding comfortable shoes. I would recommend an evaluation by a podiatrist who can examine you and provide you with guidance as to the correct condition and its solutions.

  • I have calluses under my first and 5th toe joints. Is that normal?

    No, it is not normal. Calluses under specific areas of the foot are a sign of excessive pressure to it. Pressure points under the foot can be triggered by many reasons. However, one of the most common reasons for calluses under the 1st and 5th toe joints is high arched feet. A high arch foot is like a triangle with the base of it being on the bottom. This results in pressure points under the forefoot and the heel. A biomechanical exam by a podiatric physician is highly recommended in this situation.

  • Is arch pain normal at the end of the day?

    No. Arch pain is not normal at the end of the day. As a matter of fact, foot pain is never normal. Arch and foot pain is a sign that something is wrong.

  • How can I prepare for my first consultation with Dr. Haro?

    Is this the first time you have visited a podiatrist? Well, don't worry. This handy guide will prepare you for your appointment and help make the most of your time with the foot and ankle expert. Please be sure to bring the following with you when you arrive for your appointment:

    1. All insurance cards
    2. Your referral from your primary physician (if your insurance requires one)
    3. A list of all your medications you are currently taking including any vitamins or supplements
    4. Any X-rays or medical tests you may have done regarding your foot condition
    5. Please do not apply any lotions or nail polish prior to your visit with us as Dr. Haro would like to see your feet in their natural state.
    6. Please come in with sock and closed shoes and bring a sample of your most worn shoes outside and inside the house.

  • Why do I need to care about my toenail fungus in the middle of winter?

    It takes up to 3 months for a new healthy toenail to grow and fully replace an infected nail. So if you wait until spring or summer it is already too late for that season.